July 15th 2007
Hey hey hey....so ladies and gentlemen, we´re back home after a short but really successful festival tour?it was awesome meeting all you thousands of crazy people out there again?thanx a lot for showing up?you´re the best?we have a lot of pics that will be online soon?and if you´ve got some pics that you think would fit, please send them in to us?we also would like to thank our brilliant stinkin´crew and bands we´ve been playing and partying with...sure we´re gonna meet pretty soon again?and to you who wanna know more about the upcoming album BurnOut Boulevard, we can just say: it´s now recorded, mixed and mastered?so stay tuned for more info about cover art and release date and so on?.

June 18th 2007
...hey hey..more shows added for upcoming tour...see you soon

May 30th 2007
Hey hey hey?more pics from the April tour online now. Thanx to all who sent it to us?and a couple of photos of new Bones related tattooes have been added as well?.in about a week more pics from the 10 anniversary party will be online, so stay tuned?.

May 15th 2007
Hey hey hey...so we´re back from another cool tour? this time we kicked ass in Germany, Spain, Basque Country, Portugal and France?..and we wanna thank all people involved such as our brilliant crew, support acts, promoters and of course all you crazy supporters and fans who showed up?.a special thanx and cheers to :
the awesome support act for the whole tour, Stars of the Silverscreen,
Norbert, Michael and the rest of the Matrix staff for helping us out (you fuckin rule!!!)
Hans Rock for great pics (like always)

hope to see you all soon again?.

March 27th 2007
Hey hey hey...it´s been a while since the last update...not much has happened except for studiosessions and planning an upcoming 2 week tour...this time main target is Spain but we will also make short visits to France, Portugal and Germany...we´re really looking forward to hit the road again...hope to see you all soon...

January 18th 2007
hey hey hey...we just added some shows...will be great to hit the roads again...stay tuned to check out if we come to play your area...more shows and info will be added soon...

January 18th 2007

Hey hey hey...just added some pics from the Karlstad show and for the tattoo section....

January 14th 2007
Hello out there...we just updated with some more pics from the Kino show in December and a few pics from the show in Gothenburg last weekend...more stuff will be added soon...so stay tuned...

January 9th 2007
hey hey hey...The Bones kicked off 2007 with two swedish shows in Gothenburg (sold out) and Karlstad...both shows was a blast and we had so much fun...a huge thanx to promoters with staff, TheBones crew and of course to all the people showing up...some pics from these shows will soon be online...we just got confirmed for the great german festival "With Full Force" so stay tuned for more info

December 31th 2006
Hey hey hey?hope all of you had a cool rockin´x-mas with great food and drinks ?2007 kicks off right away for The Bones with two Swedish shows in Gothenburg and Karlstad?we´re really looking forward to this?2007 will be another exciting year so stay tuned for more hot news?.hope to see you soon?until then - Happy New Year!!!

December 13th 2006
hey hey hey...only a couple of days left to the last Bones show of 2006...we hope to see many of you at Kino, Karlskrona that night for a huge party...friends and supporters even from outside Sweden are mailing us like crazy for tickets and that´s really cool...we´re really looking forward meeting you all on saturday night...so, if you´re prepared to rock and ready to roll -come join the party!!!.

December 6th 2006
Hey hey hey...a new section of pics are now up and running...more will be added real soon...check it out and if you have some pics that will fit in there please send them to us...
Next saturday, Dec 16, the last Bones show of 2006 will take place in Karlskrona...make sure to get your tickets now...more info to come

November 16th 2006

Hey hey hey...some really good news for our swedish fans and supporters...The Bones will play Gothenburg and Karlstad in Janury 2007?so keep your eyes open for more info about these two exclusive shows?and you haven´t forgotten about the 10th anniversary show at Kino in Karlskrona, Sweden?!...just a big fuckin´ party, so go get your tickets now!?

November 11th 2006
hey hey...The Bones just recorded a song for Karlskrona Hockey Klubb (www.khk.se)... KHK Fight Song (You can´t touch the puck) will be released as a cd-single in a couple of days...limited edition of 500 copies and release in Karlskrona, Sweden only...last night KHK won over old time "enemies" (5-2) and a short flick was shown on swedish television SVT and on TV4...watch the clips at: www.svt.se/sydnytt and tv4.se/klipp/83361.html ...keep an eye on the ice....

October 29th 2006
Hey hey hey...we had a great time last night at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen, Denmark?so thanx a lot to everyone who showed up and joined the party?a big cheers to Volbeat, Barcode, Jesper and of course the brilliant Bones crew?.another unforgettable night?.it was great to meet up with all good friends down there?hope to see you all soon again? Did You buy a ticket yet for the 10th anniversary party?!...many people mails us daily about the show time and other info?in a couple of weeks we´ll have more detailes for you?so book your ticket (www.ticnet.se) or contact the venue Kino for more info (www.kinokarlskrona.se) ?please stay tuned for further news?

October 11th 2006
2006 has been another busy year for The Bones. Since the kick-off back in 1996, so much has happened and now the handsome foursome is celebrating their 10th anniversary. It´s all gonna happen at the rock´n´roll venue Kino in hometown Karlskrona with a show and a big fuckin´party. This is something NOT to be missed. So be sure to get your ticket and join the party?

September 28th 2006
Hello out there....we just finished all touring of 2006....well, we still have 2 single shows left, Copenhagen (with Volbeat) and our 10th anniversary party at Kino in Karlskrona, but all touring is over for this year....more info about those single shows will follow pretty soon?

Thanx to all of you who came to the shows in Essen and the Benefit of the zoo in Heidelberg and supported us and the other bands in any way?you all fuckin´rule!...

We also went over to London to support The Misfits the other day?we had a great time and it was really fun to meet up with fans, supporters and the other acts?.a big thanx to Lee (Snuff) and The Misfits with crew for the backline and to Robin Guy and Helena for a great helping hand?.(if anyone´s got any pics from that show, please send them to us at: rockstars [at] bonesrocknroll.com)
For the London show we had a stand-in bassplayer since Andi couldn´t come?so we brought the mighty Chris Thunder (PAX) on bass?a big thanx deluxe to Chris?but don´t worry ladies and gentlemen, Andi will be back for the next show?.last but certainly not least, a big cheers to our great crew?you´re the best!!!

Stay tuned for further info about the upcoming 10th anniversary party?.cheers

September 10th 2006
Hey hey hey?.the work in the studio is still going on?we had a big powerbreak, so the computers kinda crashed (regular Bones luck ?viva 13!!!)?but we´re back on track so watch out for more hot news about the forthcoming Burn Out Boulevard album?
and we did some shows last weekend?Wiesen (Austria), Brno (Czech Rep) and Baunach (Germany)?3 days, 3 countries, 3 shows!...
cheers and beers to all of you who showed up and supported us in any way?.you´re awesome?.there will be more news in just a couple of days so stay tuned, so you don´t miss out on all upcoming projects?

July 26th 2006
...hey hey...some more pics are added to the studio session section and a couple of more live dates...some of you are asking to send us Bones pics from shows to have them published on the site...and of course you´re more than welcome to send us stuff...and we might put it online as soon we recieve them...so go ahead...cheers...

July 20th 2006
...hey hey...right now The Bones are recording at MWC studios in Karlskrona....a really busy schedule...some pics from the studio will be online soon?.another update in the photo section has been made?more live- and backstage pics?enjoy it!!!...

July 4th 2006
News: ?hey hey hey?now we´re back from the first part of the recordings of the next album?.please press the link to go to a studio report and watch some pics?and finally we can publish a lot of the pics YOU sent in for the competition?we never thought so many people would catch up with this?.hundreds of pics were sent in?a big cheers and thanx for that?.more competitions like this will take place in the close future?so, enjoy this update containing studio report and competition pics?stay tuned for further info?.

Shows cancelled?we´re sorry to announce that we have to cancel the two UK shows in August (Wasted festival in Blackpool and at the Underworld in London)?our new album will be mixed at the very same time, so we need to be in the studio then?but don´t be too sad, The Bones will be back in London on September 21 to support the Misfits?more info about that show, you can find at the shows section?.