Mini credits without payroll instantly, how to get them?

Many times, not having a payroll can reduce our chances of accessing some type of financing via credit. Above all, if we request it through traditional banking entities.

However, the emergence of more agents in the market for third-party financing has led to the emergence, also, of new credit modalities with their own more or less restrictive regulations.

But, let’s start at the beginning, what is a mini credit without payroll?


What is a fast mini credit without payroll?

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Fast mini loans without payroll are credits specially focused on clients who, although they do not have a fixed salary, do have some type of periodic income that guarantees sufficient solvency to face the return of the requested mini credit.

In general, for these revenues to be accepted by the lender it is necessary to meet three fundamental requirements:

  1. Be regular The repayments of the credits or loans are made by means of periodic installments so we must have regular income, at least, during the time that the term of return of the mini credit lasts.

  2. Constitute a minimum volume. Our income, in addition to being sufficient to meet the repayment conditions, must allow us to meet our basic needs (mortgage payment or rent; water, food, etc.) but, it is very likely that we will not be granted the loan as preventive method as the client may have the tendency of not complying with the repayment of the credit to face these basic payments.

  3. Be justifiable. If we do not have a payroll, we must present the relevant documentation that justifies that we have such income.

Among the groups that usually respond to these characteristics we find, for example, the self-employed, unemployed people who receive a benefit; as well as all those who receive an income or those who do not work but receive a monthly rent for their homes.


How to get a mini loan without payroll from Powerhouse Credit?

How to get a mini loan without payroll from Powerhouse Credit?

Presenting a bank receipt!

As we mentioned, there are many credit institutions that grant loans without requiring the client to pay a payroll with their monthly work salary. However, this does not imply that the applicant is exempt from presenting any document that supports their financial solvency.

In the case of Powerhouse Credit, having a bank receipt that certifies that, despite not having a payroll, the applicant does have another type of regular income, it is an essential requirement to qualify for any loan or credit in our entity.

Once the relevant documentation has been submitted (either payroll or bank receipt) the procedure can be done in 3 simple steps through our platform. Let’s see how!

  1. The applicant must complete an application in which some information will be required. It is a form that will validate, later, on our website.

  2. Once this is done, a confirmation code will be sent to the mobile phone provided.

  3. Finally, it must be entered in the corresponding field within the same web page.

And ready! The request now goes to Powerhouse Credit. The entity will evaluate the solvency of the applicant thanks to the information provided by the borrower and that obtained through public databases or asset solvency files.


Online mini credit without payroll

online credit without payroll from Powerhouse Credit?

Cover unexpected contingencies. This is one of the motivations that leads many Spaniards to request financial aid of this type.

However, this need for a quick response, seems a complex situation when, despite having recurring income, we do not have work and, therefore, a payroll that certifies that we can take care of the return of the requested mini credit.

Many are the banking entities that request all kinds of documentation to grant any kind of financial aid. Why choose Powerhouse Credit to apply for a mini credit online when we don’t have a payroll? Precisely because of the facilities in this regard.

While it is true that, each case is thoroughly studied always under the premise of ensuring responsible economic management for both the company and, above all, for the client; Powerhouse Credit is presented as a more accessible option vis-à-vis traditional entities and provides all the necessary financial assistance for this type of situation, as long as there is a sufficient volume of income, periodic and, of course, provable through a bank receipt .


Advantages of our online micro credits without payroll?

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On the one hand and, among others, our conditions. From Powerhouse Credit we make available to the applicant up to 5,000 dollars whose return requirements are set taking into account both the situation and the needs of the borrower.

On the other, our agility in processing. We understand that when a person comes to us to request a fast micro credit, it requires an immediate service to cover their needs as quickly as possible and, therefore, we have turned many of our efforts to generate a platform where the applicant can Carry out your procedure in a few minutes.


What documentation should I submit to apply for microcredits without payroll from Powerhouse Credit?

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The fact that in Powerhouse Credit we can carry out the processing and granting of the mini credit without payroll in just a quarter of an hour implies that the documentation to be presented is quite simple. But what do we need to qualify for a mini credit?

  • A document that certifies residence in Spain (ID or passport), along with a selfie to confirm your identity.

  • Be the owner of a mobile telephone line (to notify by SMS about the status of the mini credit application) and of a current account in your name in Spain to which to transfer the money.

  • And finally, as we have already mentioned in previous sections: a bank receipt that certifies the periodic income with which the applicant will face the return of the mini credit.

In addition to this, Powerhouse Credit reserves the right to request additional documentation to be able to evaluate, in a more complete way, the credit profile of the applicant and, based on that, to be able to estimate the granting or not of the credit and under what conditions.